Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Thanksgiving of a Lifetime

I've always thought Thanksgiving was the best of all our holidays. There's no mandatory, token buying of gifts, no religious dogma, just people being thankful for the life they live and the people and things around them. Look around your own life. As difficult as things have been, you have a lot to be thankful for. Tomorrow, if you're like most of us, you'll take some time with family and/or friends and acknowledge your unbelievable good fortune. It's a beautiful tradition.

In our family, the harvest this year has been nothing short of miraculous. First, we learned that there was a possible cure for Clyde's cancer, a disease that she's suffered with for 21 years. Then we learned that my blood matched hers for the purpose of the t-cell transplant. My blood not only matched, but is perfect for the procedure. Then, the procedure went off without a hitch. Clyde was healthy enough to receive the transplant and the medicine I was given made the t-cell harvest more than bountiful. Clyde received the transplant without a severe reaction.

A few weeks ago, tests confirmed that the t-cell transplant has worked exactly as planned to this point. Clyde walks the planet with bone marrow cells that are genetic clones of my marrow. She is treated at one of the top medical facilities in the country and by one of the most successful doctors in the field. And all of that is happening in the town where Clyde lives.

The miracles don't stop with Clyde's amazing progress. My oldest brother, Bee, has been living with a transplanted kidney for more than five years and is healthy. His wife and kidney donor, Anita, celebrates five years in remission from leukemia this week. Our parents, all in their mid- to late 70's are healthy and able to live fulfilling lives. We have an abundance of things for which to be thankful.

Look around your life. It's my guess that you too have a great life. I'm not suggesting that you live without problems and difficulties. You do. We all do. But when you take the time to truly observe your life with an eye towards the good, you'll see that you possess great fortune in the form of lifestyle, friends and family. I know it sounds corny but I'm confident it's true.

Take the time tomorrow to recognize all that you have. Ask those around the dinner table with you to do the same. Support each other's observations of good.

Tomorrow, our family will have an obvious focus for our thanks. Clyde, and everyone else for that matter, is healthy. The miracle that was brought to us by modern medicine is working. We have the support of all of you in Clyde's journey.

Take a look at your life. You too have abundance right in front of you. Acknowledge it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be well.

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  1. A couple of years ago, we were talking about our kids and their skiing, Kate's in particular. You said you keep her in check by remindering her that it was just skiing, not curing cancer or anything like that. Now look at you - amazing skiing and compassionate, generous curer of cancer :)

    Many thanks for sharing your table and thanks with us - Cindy