Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sailing Right Along

Clyde called me yesterday to report on her lab visit. She has been feeling well, going to work for a couple of hours at a time and enjoying her time resting. At her visit to the clinic this week she had a chance to be examined by her transplant doctor, Dr. Longo. She enjoys meeting with him. Clyde tells me that he possesses a calm, confident demeanor that she finds comforting.

Her lab results were what was expected. Her white blood cell count was a bit low as it can be given her current drug mix. The red blood cells and platelets were good. She has been taking a magnesium supplement so that level was good as well. Dr. Longo was very reassuring that everything is progressing as expected.

The rash that Clyde has been experiencing has disappeared. She had been applying a steroidal cream along with her mega-dose of Prednisone. Since the rash is gone it's time to ween off the steroids. This is great news for the people of Wisconsin as it's rumored that the poor play of the Packers is due to the shortage of steroids caused by the size of Clyde's dose.

At the moment that's all there is to report. We're getting closer to the 90 day CAT scan that will tell us how the new bone marrow is doing against Clyde's lymphoma. When Clyde mentioned that to Dr. Longo, his reply was "Yeah, that's gonna be cool." What the hell does he mean by that? We're hearing it as encouraging.

In the meantime, get outside and enjoy this amazing world we live in. It's ski season now.

Be well.

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