Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gaining Clarity, Feeling Better, Doing Something

If you've ever had a new car, you're aware of the phenomenon. Everywhere you look someone else is driving the same car you just bought. After you've had a child, everyone has a baby with them. This is a psychological process that has a name that I cannot recall. It's natural.

I'm going through a similar condition right now as I work through the loss of Clyde. It seems that there's a stage in a persons' grief process where everywhere you look, every song you here, something reminds you of the person you lost. I remember when a friend of mine lost his Mother to cancer. Nearly every conversation you had with him included a reference to his Mom. We noticed it as it happened but knew it was a part of his grief so we never said anything.

And so it is with me. I try not to verbalize each instance of this but it comes to mind many times a day. There's the car Clyde drove, here's a show she thought was funny, there's something on the menu Clyde would have ordered. I suppose it's one way in which her spirit lives on in us all.

Having talked to family in Madison recently, I understand that we're all finding our own way of working through this painful period. We have found outlets for remembering Clyde and filtering out the painful thinking while preserving the fond, loving memories.

In an attempt to turn my sorrow into action, I have decided to try to raise money and awareness for cancer patients and research. My first vehicle for this will be a combination of two things I now hold dearly. I will raise money by participating in a fundraising bike ride with the Lance Armstrong Foundation in Steamboat Colorado. The ride, August 8, will be short and social in nature but will provide me an opportunity to do something positive.

I'm going to ask you to participate with me by donating some money in Clyde's memory. Take a minute to visit my fundraising website at:

The organization asks that I raise $500 for the cause. If I don't raise five times that amount I'll be very disappointed. I'm confident that you can contribute. I also know that donating 10%-20% more than you might have planned, when combined with the donations of others, will add up to a sizable contribution. Trust me, in the fight against cancer and in support of those that suffer from it, taking action can be very gratifying. I know this will help you feel great.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out. I'll let you know how the ride goes.

Be well.

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