Friday, May 14, 2010

Rae Ellen Packard November 3, 1960 - May 14, 2010

Rae Ellen, my sister Clyde, passed away this morning from complications of the lymphoma she has suffered from and survived for the last 22 years. While our hearts are heavy with the loss, we are comforted knowing that she no longer suffers. We will continue to be inspired by the strength and determination she displayed in the face of her disease.

We all appreciate the love and support our community of friends and family have shown throughout this truly amazing journey. I promise to share the details of the last six weeks as soon as my heart and mind settle into the reality of Clyde's passing.

Be well.


  1. Rick and Family,

    In my case, you don't need to know someone long to know them well. I had the good fortune to meet Rae Ellen...Clyde, as you so affectionately call her....about 10 years in the context of our mutual work in housing. I soon after met Tom and developed an immediate and deep bond of friendship with both of them. The depth of her being was incredible....but she was also a classic case of WYSIWYG....what you see is what you get. And that was a lot, because what you saw in addition to that mischievous smile, were honest and sincere eyes that has been to her soul.
    I am blessed to have called her friend....and equally privileged that she called me friend. If we are indeed judged by the company we keep...albeit way too infrequently in this case.....then I am and will be judged well.
    Thank you Rick for the selfless act you performed on behalf of your sister. And please accept my heartfelt condolences as you and your family grieve the passing of this wonderful lady.
    Alan Smith
    Albany, NY

  2. Rick, Thanks so much for taking time with me at the wake. I am so glad I had a chance to talk to Rae Ellen a few months ago. At that time it seemed liked she might just beat the illness, but I guess so many years of fighting it had just weakened her body, but not her spirit.
    I know she truly apprecited what you did for her.
    Although we only spoke about once or twice a year I have always considered Rae Ellen a very close friend. My wife Carol only met her two or three times, but came away each time saying how much she really enjoyed her company.
    She will be dearly missed by many.
    Please know that our thoughts and prayer go out to you and all the Rauch's and Packards.

    Sincerely, Horton Roach