Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quick Update

Reports from Madison (Oregon, WI really) inform me that Clyde has settled in at home and is feeling well. She called me herself on Thursday afternoon to fill me in on the action at her lab visit earlier in the day. It was Bee's turn to watch her so he took to the clinic to be analyzed. In Clyde's medical state, someone needs to be with her at all times. As her health can take a serious turn very quickly, her medical team wants someone there to assess her condition and make calls on her behalf should a situation arise. Most of the family has been taking turns sitting with her, watching TV, movies or her sleeping.

At the clninc her blood showed a good presence of white blood cells and a red blood cell count in the "normal" range. This is all good news. They gave her some magnesium, in which she seems to be chronically deficient. They also wanted to give her intravenous phosphorous to help keep her cell walls strong and flexible. I wasn't aware that humans need phosphorous. I told her to go home and eat a couple of sparklers but she seems to think that taking the prescription they gave her was a better idea. Whatever.

Intrigue was added to the situation by the doctors' announcement to Clyde that next week they will perform a bone marrow biopsy. The significant piece of that procedure is that they will be able to see if the t-cell graft is taking. Suddenly we're all looking forward to the test results with a bit more anticipation. The test will take place on Thursday and I'm glad I have a busy week to distract me from my anxiety. With the instability her condition has shown in the last few weeks I'm confident that something big is going on. I can hardly wait to hear that her marrow is showing activity from cells taken from me. This is awesome!

That's the update for now. Please keep a positive vibe going for the marrow biopsy this week. This could be big.

Be well.

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