Friday, September 18, 2009

Momentum is Gathering

We're getting closer. I received an email today from Clyde. As it turns out, the medical team now confirms that she exhales just fine. There is some test she was given that measures how she exhales, or how much, or how fast. the first time around, she just didn't quite meet the standard for those requiring a t-cell transplant. Today she went over there and she showed them! Apparently, she blew them away, so to speak. That was her last test. The tooth is healing, she exhales fine, good to go.

Now it's my turn. I will be traveling to Madison tomorrow. My day for lab work is scheduled for Monday morning with the medical team at the University of Wisconsin Hospital. Jan, the transplant coordinator, told me that they will take blood, check heart and lung function and other tests. The biggest concern is that I am harboring some infectious disease that would be passed on to Clyde with my blood. To my knowledge, that isn't an issue. I have been working out all summer (at least until I broke my ankle a few weeks ago) and have been otherwise taking good care of myself. I think I'm healthy. I guess we'll find out next week.

Clyde learned an interesting factoid about the consequences of this procedure. As the t-cells do their work on her metabolism, her blood type will change to match mine. It will take 90 to 100 days but eventually she too will be B+. She was concerned that because I'm male, she'd suddenly grow a full beard and need to scratch herself. Jan assured her that the blood type change would be the only meaningful change. Too bad for Clyde. I can tell you that a good scratch once in a while can be very gratifying.

We'll learn a lot about the process is the next few days. Clyde and I are both looking forward to getting started. I know we're both a little nervous as well. It's times like this that make for a rich life experience. The whole family will remember the next couple of weeks for a long time. Keep thinking positive thoughts.

Be well.

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